Universal Sufism is based on the work of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan. True to the versatility of life, his message has given rise to a rich mélange of outfits, all journeying together on the same path.

Murshid’s work is the base of the tree of Universal Sufism. Many branches have sprung from it, in order to offer each leaf its own place in the light. This way, the light is optimally transformed into the nutrition by which the whole tree grows.

If you are inspired to find your own place in the light, this website offers you an overview of all of the branches of Universal Sufism, ordered geographically. Click on the name of the appropriate continent below, to find out what national or local branches excist in your neighbourhood.

Africa | Asia | Europe | North-America | Oceania | South-America

International organizations:

Sufi Order International | International Sufi Movement | Sufi Ruhaniat International

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